DS-PRO Scuba Diving Lights are designated to professional and technical divers who insist on a reliable and rugged lighting source. The lamp head makes it possible to be carried on the hand by Goodman holder, or on a helmet or on a photo/video equipment arm. Lamp parts are made from high quality material which is sea water and sun resistant.


The High Intensity Discharge Tube excels over halogen lamps by three times greater efficiency over the electricity to light conversion. This means that a light source using a HID has much less energy demand and heat by-production then a halogen lamp of the same power.
When during lighting the battery comes to end of its capacity, the intelligent controller indicates it reliable and in advance by some "flicker" of the light (the HID power cannot be regulated easily).

LED Display LED display

The intelligent lamp controller indicates the statuses by a two-digit LED display in the canister lid. Thanks to it, you know how long the lamp will shine, or how long the charging will take. The display also indicates possible problems inside the lamp and condition/temperature of each of the two batteries inside.

Smart Charging Smart Charging

Integrated Smart Charging System implements advanced charging and cycling algorithms provided by the battery manufacturer. Thanks to it, maximum battery life and cycle number can be achieved, as well as shortest time for charging, under actual conditions. Second to none feature: no need to open the canister for charging: just plug the banana to smart isolated socket on canister top. Nothing to open and no risk of flooding the battery after incorrect re-closure.