DS-PRO HID lamp cut

Technical information:

Burn Time - up to 4.75 hours
Charging Time - max. 3 hours*
Accumulators Capacity - 2×4.2Ah
Type of Accumulators - NiMH
Max. Depth - 150m
  Tested for 160m water column pressure.
  Type Approval 20bar
Colour Temperature - 6,500K**
Luminouse Flux - 1,450lm
Lamp type - HID
HID Power - 24W***
Angle of coverage - 12°, or 24°
- on land - 3.2kg (7.06lb)
- in water - 1.7kg (3.75lb)
Battery charge indication - Displays the time with LED display
Accessories - Hand holder
  Power supply 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  World socket adapters for power supply
  User Manual
Made in European Union (EU)

*   Assuming that the charging does not overheat. Otherwise, this period may be extended.
**  Corresponds to a temperature of daylight.
*** Illumination corresponds roughly 70W halogen bulb.